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Snowman Factory

These little snowmen have become a best-selling product over the last few years, and now they are available in Gift Sets too.

Each figurine is beautifully handmade, hand glazed, kiln-fired twice, and totally unique. The snowmen stand at about 9cm high and are usually provided strung with ribbon ready to hang from your Christmas tree. Un-ribboned snowmen are also available as a totally free-standing ornament.

From Winter 2015, Jeanette is introducing an annual Limited Edition Snowman, the first of whom is the Rainbow Scarf, hatless snowman. There will be a very limited amount of these made, and after 2015 no more will be created. Each is signed inside, with the artist’s initials and the year (JE 15).

This exclusive Rainbow Scarf Edition snowman will ONLY be available as part of a gift set, which contains ONE Rainbow Snowman and two other snowmen, elegantly presented in a bespoke gift box. This offers a great way to start your collection. A different limited edition snowman will be introduced for 2016, and each year after.

Cute and fabulous as these snowmen are, Jeanette has not stopped with only making Snowmen: There are also a very limited number of more intricate figures available each year, including Santa figurines and a yearly Elf Collection. Every Elf is named and signed; Santa is simply inscribed with ‘Santa’ and the artist’s signature. Nativity figures are available too.

New figures will be introduced to suit less wintery themes, and work has already begun on a coven of Witches and other Halloween figures.

Gift Sets and single figurines are available in shops around Ireland, or directly from the artist.

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