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Dirty Old Town

Dirty Old Town is an exciting new art collection inspired by our industrial heritage and those who worked there.

There is beauty in the heritage of our industrial revolution: pollution, smoke and dirt provided the backdrop to love and childhood, hope and dreams. Dirty Old Town pays homage to the people who work in industry, and the diversity of the homes that their lives are lived out in.

This collection is built around a range of Showcase pieces; the factories, workshops and mills that provided jobs for so many. Then there are the Workers’ Houses, individual pieces to celebrate the working population: Some are well maintained, with bright painted doors, and polished steps; some are shabby with the cracks beginning to show. All are Home to someone.

The Dirty Old Town Collection comprises of 3d slab built houses and industrial buildings, complemented by matching ceramic pictures, or ‘photographs’ in clay, of each building, elegantly mounted in bespoke white wooden frames.

This collection is for anyone who ever Dreamed a Dream.

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